Premium categories: Does the humanization trend still have legs?

Premium categories: Does the humanization trend still have legs?

Is the trend toward humanization expected to continue, whereby pet owners seek products that mirror those they eat themselves or is inflationary pressure putting a stop to such developments?

The pet industry has witnessed a shift to the super-premium and high-income consumer in the past few years, often leaving behind more value-oriented demographics.

The better off pet owners are seeking premium dietary options for their companion animals including natural, human-grade, non-GMO, organic, grainfree, as well as functional and specialized diets. Products with new and unusual flavors, and fun and playful foods in eye-catching colors and shapes are also on-trend.

Panel discussion: We'll explore how the pet food industry will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs and preferences of pet owners? Cat food has reportedly lagged dog food in the journey toward naturalization, with the lack of natural offerings that deliver on taste said to be the key limiter in their development. And pet owners are looking to mix-ins to enhance the sensory appeal of products along with functional toppers.

  • Will demand continue to rise for more tailored foods, treats and supplements that target specific health needs?
  • Is new manufacturing equipment needed to create specialised diets?
  • To what extent will rapidly increasing inflation and prices cause problems for trends that are dependent on comparatively secure levels of consumer affluence and discretionary spending?