Hamlet Protein

Hamlet Protein

HAMLET PROTEIN promotes the health, welfare and performance of farm livestock through soy-based specialty proteins for young animal feed. Around the world, our products are known to deliver an efficient, high quality source of vegetable protein with a strong return on investment.


Wherever there’s a livestock farm, there’s a farmer who knows that young animals have special nutritional needs. The importance of using feed made for immature digestive systems and healthy, efficient growth is universally understood. At HAMLET PROTEIN, we specialize in meeting this requirement. Feeding trials with our specialty proteins have documented lifelong benefits for animal welfare, growth and performance. If you’re a farmer, it’s benefits like these that can help you stay on top of the global competition. We draw on our knowhow and experience to calibrate and improve our products continuously.

The nutritional needs of young animals set the standard for our entire portfolio – a focus that is helping to elevate international best practice in young animal feed. At the same time, it has enabled us to expand into other business areas where high quality is a pre-condition. The pet food industry is one of them.

Our head office, research and innovation center and pilot plant facilities are located in Denmark, and we have production plants in Horsens, Denmark and Findlay, Ohio in the USA. All products and services are accessible through our global distribution network.

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Hamlet Protein: Choosing the right protein minimizes oxidative stress

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Choosing the right protein minimizes oxidative stress

For the youngest piglets weaning is stressful. Not only because they are being separated from the sow but also because of the change in their diet. The transition from easily digestible milk to solid feed can be troublesome as it becomes much harder for...


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Choosing the optimal soy protein for young animal feed

Soy is a well-known ingredient in animal nutrition. The soybean is an excellent source of protein and other important nutrients, and every year, the production of soybean meal exceeds all other oilseed proteins put together.

Feed holds the key

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Feed holds the key to a healthy young animal gut

Ensuring that the gut is healthy is critically important for all of life’s activity, since all nutrients must of course be absorbed through the gut. The right raw material choice therefore, limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in young livestock animals.

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