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Supplement sow, not piglet diets with feed additives

By Lynda Searby

Early nutritional programming via the maternal diet could be the key to the development and growth of piglets, whereas there is no benefit to supplementing post-weaned piglet diets with feed additives, say researchers.

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Deep pink: fish bone ingredient enhances salmon color

By Lynda Searby

Norwegian scientists make the “unexpected” discovery that the addition of a fish bone mineral hydrolysate to salmon feed can increase pink flesh pigmentation, producing fish that is potentially more attractive to consumers.

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Long-term US soybean outlook calls for drop in acres, lower prices

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

A 10-year assessment of US soybean production highlights the role of trade and points to continuing low prices and a reduction in planted acres as consequences stemming from China’s ongoing tariffs on the feed ingredient, says analyst.

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Lessons from PEDV: preventing in-feed transit of ASF

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Outbreaks of African Swine Fever in China are raising concerns for swine producers in the US as the disease may be able to survive the importing process in feed or feed ingredients, says expert.

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Feed transport challenges for ABN

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Feed transporters working at an ABN feed mill in the UK are considering union action, which could include striking, after the company proposed schedule changes.

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Summer months bring expansions, changes for feed industry

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Summer has not been a quiet season for many companies and organizations in the animal feed and agricultural industries. Several have seen the arrival of new faces, while a few others have said farewell to longtime employees.

The following...

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Gene editing: Amfora sprouts plans for high protein crops

By Lynda Searby

High protein soybean meal for aquaculture could soon be a commercially reality, as US biotech company Amfora embarks on a program to apply its patented gene editing technology to develop crops with an enhanced protein content.

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