All news articles for September 2020

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Global poultry trade challenged in volatile markets

By Jane Byrne

Rabobank expects a slight increase in global poultry production (+0.8% YOY), mostly as a result of poultry expansion in China and Vietnam, where African swine fever has reduced pork availability, and also from expansion in the US.

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AGP substitution in broiler diets

By Jane Byrne

Layn Corp, a global company, headquartered in China, focused on vertically integrated production of plant-based sweeteners, extracts and flavors, reports positive results for a broiler feeding trial in Colombia on its product targeting AGP substitution....

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US methionine anti-dumping probe greenlighted to go to next stage

By Jane Byrne

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) shared its preliminary findings that there is reasonable indication that the US methionine industry has been materially injured by imports sold by France, Japan, and Spain at “less than fair value”.

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