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AFIA recognizes winners in 2019 top feed facility competition

AFIA recognizes winners in 2019 top feed facility competition

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) announced the four category winners for its annual Feed Facility of the Year competition Thursday [January 23]. The competition, and its predecessors, has been ongoing since 1985.
The overall winner...

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Special edition: Novel Proteins

A look back at novel feed protein developments

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Our January special edition is focused on protein innovation in animal feed, a topic that we also explored extensively in 2019. The photogallery provides highlights of that earlier coverage.

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Feed and agribusiness career moves this month

By Jane Byrne

The international animal feed and agribusiness sector has seen significant movements in terms of career shifts and new hires in the past few weeks. Check out our gallery for all the job news.

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Most popular stories in September 2019

By Jane Byrne

We take a trawl through the archives but only as far back as last month to see what were the stories that gained the most traction with the audience. Again, Cargill related developments proved to be of interest to readers, and the click to open rate was...

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special edition: aqua feed innovation

Highlights of aqua feed innovation in 2019

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Throughout October, we’ve been focusing on feed innovation in the aquaculture industry; the gallery covers farmed fish feed industry developments that we reported on earlier in the year.

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Feed mills can be part of an historical record

By Jane Byrne

French photographer, Laurent Bellec, is putting together an encyclopedia of images of feed mills from all over the world, including photographs he has taken over the past 10 years.

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Career moves in the international feed sector

By Jane Byrne

We review the latest job appointments in the global animal feed industry over the past month with new hires at DSM, Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition and Zinpro as well as some interesting hat swaps and exits.

Top 10 most read stories in August

Top 10 most read stories in August 2019

By Jane Byrne

We go back to the hot days of summer to see what stories proved most interesting to our readers. Cargill features in two of those most popular articles, alongside news about methane reduction, single cell protein production, insect feed, artificial intelligence...

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Top Ten stories in July

By Jane Byrne

We track the most read stories from last month, a line-up that includes articles on single cell feed protein market developments, funding for an insect feed protein plant and milestones in methane emission inhibition, and more.

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Feed industry highlights from June

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Missed the feed industry news concerning corn prices, ASF, ADM or Nutreco while taking advantage of summer break? We’ve pulled together the big traffic getters for FeedNavigator in June to provide a quick recap.