Commodity pricing

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Feed industry highlights from June

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Missed the feed industry news concerning corn prices, ASF, ADM or Nutreco while taking advantage of summer break? We’ve pulled together the big traffic getters for FeedNavigator in June to provide a quick recap.

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USDA sees record soybean harvest for Brazil

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

With a return to average yields, the USDA forecasts record soybean production in Brazil for 2019/20 but predicts lower exports on the expectation of lower demand for soy from China.

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USDA: Forage, hay availability fears prompt cover crop rules change

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Wet weather and delayed planting are raising fears about forage and hay availability for US livestock and dairy producers and sparking the US Department of Agriculture to change when cover crops can be harvested or grazed on prevented planting acres.